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Valentine’s Day Movie Guide

Valentine’s Day has come around once again. Some young teens will be out on their first date; others will see their burgeoning romances blossom; couples will get engaged, others will get married, and a few bitterly distant husbands and wives will succumb and go out for dinner for the first time in a year. Going […]

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The 10 greatest movie couples!

Ah, romantic films. For centuries, men and women have sat down and enjoyed a romantic film/play/cave drawing with one another. From 1st date to 500th date, a film about love always works a charm. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re going to begin celebrating love in all its wonderful forms. Take heed lovers, […]

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That’s Today?!

Yes, today is St Valentine’s Day; when young lovers and devoted couples flood the cinemas for that perfect post-dinner appetizer. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect Valentine’s day movie, the pressure is on. From a male’s perspective, there is always a fine line to tread in choosing a movie your date will enjoy, […]

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