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Sydney Film Festival – Stake Land review

Stake Land – Starring Danielle Harris and Connor Paolo. Directed by Jim Mickle. By Hilary Simmons. The vampire-saturated movie market has been in desperate need of a new set of teeth – metaphorically speaking – for some time. Stake Land opens wide for aficionados with a post-apocalyptic pointy-fanged Western. Forget the soft focus of Twilight […]

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Jim Jarmusch to trade Coffee and Cigarettes for blood and fangs

Trying to understand what’s going on in Jim Jarmusch’s mind can be puzzling at the best of times – from spiritual gangster films to crime thrillers set in the symbolic realm, there’s just no predicting what he’ll do next. Actually, we do know. A vampire movie! Set in Detroit! According to Screen Daily, Jim is […]

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