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The top 10 films based on TV shows

The top 10 films based on TV shows. By Simon Miraudo. Though we’re still anxiously waiting for the Arrested Development and Deadwood movies, television lovers can bide their time with Kath and Kimderella, the feature adaptation of the hit Australian show. OK, it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, but it’ll do. Join us as we reflect on the ten […]

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MacGruber 2 a possibility

It’s rare that Saturday Night Live movies are financially successful, let alone garner sequels (Wayne’s World being the exception on both counts), but they often do find cult followings on DVD. Such is the case with their most recent experiment, MacGruber, which expanded SNL’s 30-second MacGyver skits into a feature length film. The movie tanked upon release, despite being a […]

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