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Even Michael Bay thought Transformers 2 sucked

It seems as if the entire cast and crew of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are jumping on the hate-bandwagon. Following Shia LaBeouf‘s spray against the film’s quality (or lack thereof), the normally unrepentant director Michael Bay has also admitted that his film basically sucked. In an interview with USA Today from the set of […]

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A slow death – The Final Destination review

The Final Destination – Starring Bobby Campo, Nick Zano and Krista Allen. Directed by David R. Ellis. Rated R. Originally published October 14th, 2009. By Simon Miraudo. The Final Destination is a groundbreaking piece of cinema. There is no other way to put it. Imagine a film that features an endless cavalcade of people being […]

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The 10 worst films of 2009!

The Worst Films of 2009. By Simon Miraudo. We all love movies. You wouldn’t be reading this blog and I wouldn’t be writing these articles if that wasn’t the case. This is why it’s as important to acknowledge the worst films of the year as it is to acknowledge the best. After all, would the […]

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