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The 10 worst films of 2011

The 10 worst films of 2011. By Simon Miraudo. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks celebrating all-things-cinematically-awesome from 2011, reflecting on the most impressive Aussie films, as well as the 20 finest male and female performances. Very soon, we’ll unveil the absolute cream of the crop and highlight the 10 best motion pictures of […]

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A lowlight – Your Highness review

Your Highness – Starring Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman. Directed by David Gordon Green. Rated MA. By Simon Miraudo. Obviously the makers of Your Highness are competing with Zack Snyder in the race to see who can waste money fastest and in the most outrageous manner possible. In Sucker Punch, Snyder – armed […]

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Trailer Debut: Your Highness

The trailer for David Gordon Green‘s fantastical stoner-epic Your Highness has debuted online. The film sees the brains behind the hilarious TV show Eastbound and Down team-up for a medieval adventure. Sure, why not? Back in January, we named Your Highness our 20th most anticipated film of 2010. Of course, it’s not coming out until […]

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