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Channing Tatum to save the White House

Channing Tatum is in talks to star in White House Down, the action drama set to be directed by Roland Emmerich. According to Deadline, Tatum would star as a secret service agent who defends the President – and indeed, democracy itself – during a paramilitary takeover of the iconic American building. Sony Pictures paid screenwriter James Vanderbilt […]

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Are Sony developing Spiderman 5 and 6?

source: variety.com So much for wrapping up the franchise. Sony have hired Zodiac-scribe James Vanderbilt to pen Spiderman 5 and 6. Vanderbilt was originally hired to write the screenplay for Spiderman 4. However, his intention to develop a two-part storyline that would stretch between movies 4 and 5 was not met favourably by series director […]

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