Mamma Mia Outgrosses The Dark Knight!


OK, that heading might be a bit misleading. I was referring specifically to the United Kingdom. But Mamma Mia has in fact become the 2nd highest grossing film in the UK’s history.

The film has grossed approximately £67 million since it’s release in July, just behind Titanic‘s stellar £69. Co-financed by the US and the UK, the musical has become the highest grossing British film of all time.

The film is several million pounds clear of 2008’s biggest hits such as The Dark Knight, WALL-E, Indiana Jones 4 and Iron Man.

Enough facts. Now it’s time for wild, unabashed commentary.

WTF. Who is watching this movie? Are there really that many ABBA fans out there? Are there really that many Pierce Brosnan fans out there?

Look, I haven’t seen Mamma Mia. It might very well be the best film of all time. But I don’t think I could ever sit through it. Maybe if I was tied to a chair and forced to watch it. In that case, I think I would just beg to have my eyes gouged out. It just looks sooooo unwatchable. And hey, this is coming from someone who likes musicals!

More Brits saw this flick than The Dark Knight?! And WALL-E? I’ve never been one to push for a republic, but I now think severing ties with the Motherland is the only sensible solution.

Alright, I’m finished. Rebuttals?

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