Pixar has totally retooled ‘The Good Dinosaur’

The Good Dinosaur

The team at Pixar are known for their (nearly) immaculate track record, so most would be surprised to learn of the tumult that so frequently occurs during the production of their pictures.

I say that to calm the nerves of those concerned about their upcoming feature, The Good Dinosaur, which was delayed from 2014 to 2015 and had director Bob Peterson replaced by “the Pixar Brain Trust.”

According to Collider, there’s been further action behind the scenes.

John Lithgow, who’s providing one of the voices in the flick, revealed that its story has been “dismantled… and completely reimagined.”

He wants to allay your concerns too: “Don’t worry. It’s coming and it’s gonna be better than I ever imagined.”

We don’t know what the new story will concern, but the original tale imagined a hypothetical world in which dinosaurs were never extinct, and followed Arlo, a teenage Apatosaurus.

Lithgow insists he and Frances McDormand will still voice Arlo’s parents, but the fate of co-stars Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris, Judy Greer and Lucas Neff remains up in the air.

Still to come from Pixar: Inside Out in 2015 and Finding Dory in 2016.

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