Mamma Mia is the highest grossing film of all time …


… in the UK. Mamma Mia has usurped Titanic from its ten-year reign as the highest grossing film in the United Kingdom.

The threat of a sequel became too much to take for some.

The wildly successful film adaptation of the Abba musical has grossed 69.1 million pounds since its release in July.

James Cameron‘s Titanic only made a paltry 69 million.

A few months ago we reported that Mamma Mia had outgrossed The Dark Knight to become the biggest film of 2008 in the UK. We were obviously shocked. And not in a good way.

Look, maybe the film isn’t terrible (after all, a lot of people seem to love it). All I know, is that I never want to see it. It just looks so awfully, awfully, awfully unappealing. Why do more people want to see this than Slumdog Millionaire? It’s a sad world.

Last week Mamma Mia scored two Golden Globe nominations – one for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy (I can live with that, since Meryl Streep is awesome) and one for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy). If Mamma Mia beats Happy Go Lucky, Burn After Reading, In Bruges or Vicky Cristina Barcelona – cinema is dead.

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