500 Days of Summer secures Australian release date

source: 500daysofsummer.foxsearchlight.com

We’ve been crushing hard on the Sundance hit 500 Days of Summer over the past few months, and are happy to report that the “anti-romantic comedy” has secured an Australian release.

So get your calendar out: Fox will release 500 Days of Summer on September 17th, 2009.

UPDATE! We just found out that 500 Days of Summer will also be playing at the Sydney Film Festival. It is screening Saturday, June 6th at the State Theatre (9:20pm) and Sunday, June 7th at Greater Union George Street (6:10pm). Buy tickets here. Damn you New South Welsians! If you are in town, check it out and let us know what you thought!

Joseph Gordon Levitt stars as Tom, a young man who falls in love with the quirky Summer (that blue-eyed minx Zooey Deschanel). The film details their 500 day relationship, skipping back and forth between their meeting, their breakup, and everything in between.

To help refresh your memory, please enjoy the original teaser trailer, featuring Melbourne band The Temper Trap’s song “Sweet Disposition.”


And of course, the full length trailer.


God it looks so good. The Marc Webb-directed feature has propelled to the top of my ‘can’t-wait’ list, thanks to the involvement of Levitt and Deschanel. So much so, I find myself writing articles about the barely-newsworthy aspects of the film.

So, once again, September 17th people!

Discuss: Will Fox Searchlight promote this film as “this year’s Juno“, “this year’s Little Miss Sunshine” or “this year’s Slumdog Millionaire“? The possibilities are endless.

2 Responses to “500 Days of Summer secures Australian release date”

  1. Australian release date? That’s fantastic… where did you get the date though?

  2. From Fox themselves. They will be distributing the picture in Oz. nice website by the way!

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