Burton and Depp to make vampire movie

source: scifiwire.com

Tim Burton will follow up Alice in Wonderland with an adaptation of the 1960’s vampire daytime soap opera Dark Shadows. Shockingly, Johnny Depp is signed on to star.

Although this project had long been speculated to be Burton’s next film, it was recently confirmed by producer Graham King.

While promoting the American release of another of his films, The Young Victoria, King announced that the filming of Dark Shadows would begin September 2010.

Screenwriter John August (Big Fish, Corpse Bride, The Nines) has already turned in a script, which is currently being re-written (only slightly, we hope).

The Dark Shadows television show ran from 1966 to 1971. It told the story of the Collins family, whose ancestry is revealed to be linked to a vampire curse.

Hopefully, as Burton and Depp begin their publicity trail for Alice in early-2010, they will spill some more details on their next endeavour.

Discuss: Is the relationship between Burton and Depp the bromance of our times?

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