Steven Soderbergh’s surprise Australian film


Steven Soderbergh is flirting dangerously close to self-parody. The Sydney Morning Herald have revealed the director secretly filmed a movie while in Sydney late last year.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker was in the country directing the documentary-style play Tot Mom for the Sydney Theatre Company.

He reportedly enlisted the cast of Tot Mom, including actor Rhys Muldoon, for an off-the-cuff movie.

Muldoon has been asked to remain tight-lipped on the details, but confirmed that it was a “pretty much improvised film.”

Soderbergh is famous for balancing high profile feature films with improvisational/experimental projects. 2009 saw the release of two of his films; the Matt Damon comedy The Informant and the Sasha Grey drama The Girlfriend Experience.

If that weren’t already enough, he has several films slated for release in 2010. He will debut his new documentary And Everything Is Going Fine about writer/actor Spalding Gray at Slamdance later this month. He will also shoot a film entitled Knockout next month and will then direct a Liberace biopic in the American summer.

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