Christopher Nolan working on Superman 3.0; Dark Knight sequel


Christopher Nolan, the writer/director who rebooted the Batman franchise with billion-dollar success, has been enlisted by WB to shepherd their upcoming big-screen re-imagining of Superman.

I’ll get this out of the way early. CHRISTOPHER NOLAN IS NEITHER WRITING NOR DIRECTING THE NEW INCARNATION OF SUPERMAN. As Nikke Finke and Mike Fleming put it at Deadline Hollywood Daily, “[Nolan] has been asked to play a ‘godfather’ role and ensure The Man of Steel gets off the ground after a 3 1/2 year hiatus.” Apparently, Nolan is considered “something of a God” at Warner Bros, and with good reason.

Finke and Fleming refer to the film as version 3.0, no doubt in reference to the fact that this will be Warner Bros’ 3rd attempt at a Superman franchise.

The Man of Steel was long touted to be the sequel to Bryan Singer‘s 2006 film Superman Returns, which picked up directly after Superman 2 (thus making the lamentable Supermans 3 and 4 non-canon).

Although the expensive Superman Returns didn’t become the hit WB had anticipated, Singer and star Brandon Routh were still attached to the sequel as recently as mid-2009. Not so anymore.

According to the report, The Man of Steel will now be the title of an entirely new Superman franchise. It’s hard not to notice the similarity between that title and Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Warner Bros highest ever grossing film.

Finke and Fleming also add that Nolan has finally hatched an idea for the third installment of his Batman series, and his brother Jonathan and David Goyer are off writing the script. Christopher and Jonathan co-wrote The Dark Knight, while David Goyer helped pen the story.

Nolan’s next film, Inception, is set to hit cinemas July 22nd, 2010. No doubt we will learn about both of his high-profile projects closer to this date.

Discuss: Hypothetical situation for you. Batman 3 or Superman 3.0 – You can see one of them tomorrow. Which do you choose?

One Response to “Christopher Nolan working on Superman 3.0; Dark Knight sequel”

  1. Superman Returns was one of the worst films of 2006. Of course Nolan's first instruction will be "Erm.. Superman is never Dark and Gritty" and he'll probably be thrown out of the project for that. Batman is greater than Superman anyday of the week.

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