>Colin Firth is a great Gambit indeed

>Colin Firth is set to star in the upcoming remake of the 1966 UK action/comedy Gambit according to Deadline. The remake has been scripted by the Coen brothers and will be directed by Michael Hoffman (One Fine Day, The Last Station).

The story follows a cat burglar (Firth; Michael Caine in the original) and his attempt to steal a billionaire’s priceless statue with the help of a waitress (as yet uncast; Shirley MacLaine previously) who just so happens to be a dead ringer for the victim’s late wife.

But it seems as though the project has taken some time getting off the ground. Producer Mike Lobell is said to have been trying, but with the Coens tied up writing and directing their remake of True Grit, the ball is only just now beginning to roll.

Adam Ripp and Rob Paris from Crime Scene Pictures are said to be putting up the money for the picture and Glen Basner will be selling it on to foreign territories through FilmNation. With Hoffman and Firth now signed on, production is anticipated to start shooting in London and Texas before the next US summer.

With Colin Firth looking at picking up a fair few award nominations for his starring role in Boxing Day release The King’s Speech, production on Gambit is sure to gain momentum now that his name is officially attached to it.

Gambit is set for US release some time in 2012.

Discuss: Who will play the opposite Firth as the gorgeous waitress?

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