Jess Lomas’ Top 10 Films of 2010

Jess Lomas’ Top 10 Films of 2010.

As 2010 makes its inevitable march towards death (or rather, 2011), Quickflix critics Simon Miraudo, Tara Judah and Jess Lomas reflect on the year that was. Check out their individual selections for the best (and worst) films of a year that will be remembered by endless debates about spinning totems, fake street artists, faker actor-turned-rappers, and the extent to which we all wept at the end of Toy Story 3.

Jess Lomas picks…

Honourable mentions: A Single Man, Easy A, Exit Through the Gift Shop, I Am Love, Please Give.

So which film gets the important last spot in the top 10? I stewed on this for a while as I knew many would not understand how such a small (and underappreciated) film could take the place of other favourites such as Winter’s Bone or Animal Kingdom. Greenberg is a subtle film; at first I enjoyed watching it and then my appreciation for it continued to grow. I think the entire cast delivers wonderful performances and there are multiple levels to this film to discover. I’d take Ben Stiller in Greenberg than in Little Fockers any day of the week.

Another from earlier this year – Micmacs is one of the most delightful films I’ve seen in 2010. Quirky and fun, a film I can only describe as a pleasure to watch.

It’s hard to think back on an entire year of films to list your favourites, especially when you see a film at the start of the year and so many follow that you lose track. A Prophet is such a film; one that many wouldn’t consider as it could fall under 2009 but as I saw it in February (from memory) it’s earned a spot in my list. A slick prison film that had me intrigued from the first frame.

7. Boy

If there was a film that was more of a surprise to me this year then it escapes my memory. I had heard some positive buzz but didn’t expect to be so blown away by the originality, humour and heart all on show in this New Zealand film.

There were laughs and there were tears as I was reunited with some old friends, Woody and Buzz. The film is far from flawless so a fair amount of nostalgia lends itself to forgiving the film’s shortcomings but it was a grand farewell to wonderful characters so many have come to love. It’s Pixar; it’s Toy Story – what more is there to say?!

Bwwwwwooooom … Okay that was my attempt to write the “Inception noise” that has wiggled its way into our everyday lives and conversations (thanks largely to an iPhone application, every comment or situation can be heightened thanks to Nolan’s latest blockbuster). Thrilling, action packed, makes you think – although some are still over thinking it – Inception was up there with the most fun I’ve had in a cinema all year.

I may be biased because of my title as President of the Australian Colin Firth Fan Club but The King’s Speech is a gem of a film bursting at the seams with flawless performances. Rush, Firth, Pearce and even Helena Bonham Carter all deliver in this historical drama that takes a small speech impediment and makes an involving and entertaining film from it.

A film that will appear on many Top 10 lists this year. For me it’s the screenplay that shines and Aaron Sorkin’s writing was the highest quality in all of the films I saw. The razor sharp dialogue was delivered brilliantly by an above average cast and the story was intriguing although perhaps not as big a pop culture landmark as many had predicted it would be. The website will always be bigger but The Social Network is far more entertaining to me.

An undeniable masterpiece; not only did the story and acting move me but also the story behind the production further solidified this special film for me. It’s brave filmmaking that many have dumped in the “depressing” category but no film this year has left me thinking about its core issues for as long as Blue Valentine has. The events may be sad but this film is far from depressing.

1. The Illusionist

Okay, so technically you could say this doesn’t count as a 2010 release but considering it played at the major film festivals around the country I’m going to claim it as my favourite movie of 2010. No other film I’ve seen this year has come close to mirroring the feeling I had both watching this film and even to this day thinking about this film. Beautiful animation; heartwarming and wrenching, a wonderful and understated story – this film truly touched me.

Discuss: What were your favourite films of 2010?

3 Responses to “Jess Lomas’ Top 10 Films of 2010”

  1. >You definitely have the makings of a good reviewer, you did not stick to the USA movie line. You went out to other countries for a look see. Next year delve into the middle east, south east asia, Japan,Korea,hong Kong and mainland China, you will be pleasantly surprised. My top ten did not come from the USA, but did come from foreign countries.

  2. >Hey Llewellyn, Did you even allow yourself the chance to think: "Maybe Jess DID see movies from all those countries this year, and maybe none of them made her Top 10 list"? Nope, didn't think so.

  3. >Hooray for The Illusionist love! Great list, Jess.

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