Tabloid subject Joyce McKinney sues Errol Morris

Joyce McKinney, the subject of Errol Morris‘ documentary Tabloid, has filed a lawsuit against the Oscar winning director for portraying her as “crazy, a sex offender, an S&M prostitute, and/or a rapist”.

Former beauty queen McKinney became a tabloid star in the 1970s when she was tried for kidnapping her boyfriend Kirk Anderson and forcing the ‘manacled Mormon’ to have sex. She insists Anderson came with her willingly, and that he was brainwashed by his Mormon superiors to turn against her.

Morris’ film uses testimonials from McKinney and two rival journalists to create a Rashomon-style retelling of events, questioning the nature of truth in news, media, and even cinema in the process.

McKinney claims Morris “tricked” her into participating in the project by saying it was for a Showtime series about paparazzi. She also alleges Morris’ “cronies” ransacked her luggage and stole personal memorabilia.

Watch her and Morris conduct a Q&A for the film at DOC NYC 2010. It’s worth it.

Check out our review of Tabloid from the Sydney Film Festival, as well as a comment left by “truthteller“. Tabloid is set to play the Perth International Arts Festival in February 2012.

Discuss: Does she have a case?

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