Snowtown, Salo were the most complained about films of 2011

There are always some fun nuggets in the Australian Classification Board’s annual report, and the latest one is no different. Released at the end of last year, it lists the films that generated the most complaints in the past 12 months. And here they are, in all their offensive glory!

Justin Kurzel‘s AACTA-scooping serial killer flick Snowtown received 15 complaints, equalling the total of the formerly-banned classic Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom. In the instance of Snowtown, objectors believed the MA15+ rating was not high enough (we kind of agree there), while the Salo protesters felt Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s masterpiece should be refused classification and effectively banned altogether (disagree!).

Surprise, surprise, horror flick A Serbian Film scored 12 official complaints. The rest is history.

The remaining features on the list are a fairly eclectic bunch: Piranha, Grown Ups, Black Swan, Saw 3D, Toy Story 3, Rango, The Killer Inside Me, The Human Centipede and Stoic. In every instance, the complaints related to the classification being too low. Sadly, there were no heroic under-age dissidents this year, unlike the kids in 2009 who registered their anger over not being allowed to see the R18+ rated My Bloody Valentine. This is your year, guys!

Discuss: Were these complaints warranted?

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