Mads Mikkelsen is your new Hannibal Lecter

Danish superstar and recent Cannes Best Actor prize winner Mads Mikkelsen has been cast as the cannibalistic Dr. Lecter in NBC’s new TV show Hannibal.

According to Deadline, he will star opposite Hugh Dancy‘s FBI agent Will Graham in the series inspired by Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon.

When the story begins, Graham enlists the help of Lecter in the hunt for serial killers, not realising that Hannibal himself is just as dangerous as the men they’re locking up.

Mikkelsen previously played the villain in Casino Royaleand will next be seen in A Royal Affair. He has been cast as the antagonist in Thor 2. The film for which he won Best Actor at Cannes – The Hunt – does not yet have an Australian release date.

Discuss: Does he look the part?

One Response to “Mads Mikkelsen is your new Hannibal Lecter”

  1. Hmmm a tv series? Is it going to take 10 episodes for Dancy to work out Mads is the villian? Interesting casting…as long as they get the storyline right. This is either going to be really really good or really bad.

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