Ellen DeGeneres in talks for Finding Nemo sequel

Disney Pixar is hoping to bring back Ellen DeGeneres for their upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DeGeneres is in talks to reprise the role of forgetful Dory.

It was revealed back in July that the original’s director, Andrew Stanton, had returned to Pixar to work on the project following the flopping of his John Carter.

Stanton warned the masses to not “believe everything you read,” but it looks as if real movements are now being made.

Considering DeGeneres’ Dory is one of the finest characters in Pixar’s canon, we have no complaints.

Discuss: Is this a sequel you would like to see?

One Response to “Ellen DeGeneres in talks for Finding Nemo sequel”

  1. Hell yeah. I love Ellen. Hope Brad Garrett will be back too. friends are fish not food. Lol

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