Frances Ha’s Greta Gerwig picks her favourite pop song


We spoke to Frances Ha star Greta Gerwig recently, and the conversation inevitably turned to the film’s memorable music selections.

As a co-writer, she was responsible for selecting Frances’ anthems with director Noah Baumbach.

So why did she choose David Bowie’s Modern Love as the coming-of-age flick’s theme?

“[Noah and I] kind of feel that David Bowie’s Modern Love is the best pop song that’s ever been written. That’s a strong statement, but I do think it’s so incredibly infectious, and the first time you hear it, you need to hear it again right away.

“We wanted the movie to have that kind of energy; that there were hooks and choruses and melodies. That’s the way we were thinking about the film; with that kind of energy and all these different threads carrying different parts of the tune.”

The movie’s other memorable track is Hot Chocolate’s Every1’s a Winner, which scores Frances’ uneventful trip to France.

“I love that song. [Noah] loves that song. Honestly, there’s so much French music in the movie, we thought, ‘We can’t have French music when she’s actually in Paris. That would be too much. It would be sugar on sugar.’

“So we were looking at different songs, and I forget who said it first but we decided we’d try Every1’s a Winner. At first we thought it would be sad and strange. It was hilarious and wonderful, and we decided to keep it.

“It’s just a great song and there’s something so sad about her in Paris while Every1’s a Winner is blaring, because clearly not everyone is a winner.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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Frances Ha arrives in Australian cinemas August 15.

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