Steven Spielberg to film Roald Dahl’s ‘BFG’

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg will adapt Roald Dahl’s beloved BFG for the big screen, but probably not before he completes his untitled Cold War thriller with Tom Hanks.

According to THR, Spielberg will make BFG for DreamWorks in the early months of 2015, giving him time to squeeze in a “smaller movie” before then.

That small movie is believed to be the Tom Hanks project that hit the newsline last week.

DreamWorks picked up the rights to Dahl’s book in 2011, with John Madden and Chris Columbus previously attached to direct.

Nonetheless, the boarding of Spielberg is bad news for those looking forward to his long-gestating Robopocalypse, which is now at least two movies and several years away.

That is, unless Spielberg quits hogging all the properties and allows someone else to helm it.

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