‘The Conjuring’ spin-off, ‘Annabelle’, set to hit cinemas later this year


Horror movies are usually reliable money-spinners, but even The Conjuring astounded when it grossed more than $300 million worldwide off a $20 million budget in 2013.

So, it comes as no surprise to hear that Warner Bros. has set for release a spin-off titled Annabelle later this year, ahead of next year’s official Conjuring sequel.

Annabelle, based on the very creepy doll from the first Conjuring movie, will, fittingly, star Annabelle Wallis and Alfre Woodard.

Based on a real-life Raggedy Ann doll kept contained by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, Annabelle was imprisoned after supposedly terrorising a couple of college students.

Director James Wan is busy at work on Conjuring 2, so he’ll hand helming duties over to John R. Leonetti, acting instead as a producer.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are set to return for The Conjuring 2, but don’t expect them to appear in Annabelle.

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