Here the Wild Things are!


The first images of the monsters from Spike Jonze‘s adaptation of the classic picture book Where the Wild Things Are have debuted online.

The images adorn a limited series of skateboards to be put out by Girl Skateboards Company, which was cofounded by Jonze. I think fans should be pleased with the design and look of the monsters, which look suitably realistic AND fantastical. The monsters are portrayed by actors in 9-foot suits with CGI faces.

These images come as an ENORMOUS relief after years of the film being in production hell. There were rumours early last year that Warner Bros were considering a complete reshoot of the film. According to reports, the studio found the film to be “too weird” and “too scary”, and that lead child actor Max Records was not likable enough. Yikes.

Of course, it wasn’t long before Warners came out to say they completely defended Jonze’s vision. However, there is no denying the film has been delayed a ridiculously long time. A teaser for the undeveloped film was attached to The Grinch back in 2000 (although that was before Jonze was on board). By the time the film is released (December 10, 2009), it will have been three years since filming started.

As a fan of Maurice Sendak’s book, Jonze and screenwriter Dave ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius‘ Eggers, I am very excited to finally see this on the big screen. Hopefully these lengthy delays will be forgotten when the film debuts to ecstatic reviews and immeasurable financial success (fingers crossed)!

Voicing the monsters are James Gandolfini, Lauren Ambrose, Angus Sampson, Paul Dano, Forest Whitaker, Tom Noonan and Catherine O’Hara.

6 Responses to “Here the Wild Things are!”

  1. Dave Eggers is onboard with this? I’ll definately keep an eye out for this one. I wasn’t too sure when i saw the pictures…I hate to say this, but it looks a little Labyrinth meets Never Ending Story to me.

  2. Nice one – my girlfriend’s a big McSweeney’s fan, and I love his writing style. Hope he brings some of his flair to the film.But now that you mention it, the Wild things do look a little ‘magic dance’-ian.

  3. phew!Thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering what was happening this. It was a big deal when it was shooting here in Melbourne. I’m glad to hear it’s going to see the light of day

  4. They did some shooting in Melbourne???

  5. yeah, the film was shot at Central City Studios in melbourne mid 2006.

  6. looks fuck!ng awesome!!been waiting about 25 yrs for this, so the sooner the better!!

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