Reminder! The Brothers Bloom hits Australian cinemas this week


It has been a long time coming, but Rian Johnson‘s The Brothers Bloom will finally hit Australian cinemas this Thursday.

We first reported on this flick last September, noting our excitement for Johnson’s follow-up to his cult hit Brick. After several shuffles on the release calendar, the film finally saw a bit of distribution in the U.S. Now, us Aussies can also bask in Mr. Johnson’s latest effort.

The Brothers Bloom stars Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody as the titular con artists and Rachel Weisz as their eccentric mark.

Take a look at the trailer and check your listings for screening times this weekend.

Finally, if you are yet to see Brick, DO IT. Like, right now.

UPDATE! I have been reminded that Rian Johnson released an MP3 Audio Commentary track for The Brothers Bloom. You can listen to it here, or download it on iTunes (just search for Brothers Bloom in the iTunes store).

Discuss: Thoughts on Brick? Awesome, right?

One Response to “Reminder! The Brothers Bloom hits Australian cinemas this week”

  1. Brick: Yes. Definitely. Must see cinema.Brother's Bloom: Not so much. I wasn't really a fan, felt very… I don't know… dead. Sorta lifeless.I do plan on watching it again sometime to confirm. I feel there's much more to it than at first glance. Watching it the first time really felt like a chore though.

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