Golden Globe predictions!


The winners of the 67th Golden Globes will be announced in Los Angeles on Sunday the 17th January (Monday morning in Australia). It will be here that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will reveal their favourite films, filmmakers, actors and television programs of 2009.

Of course, no one really respects the Golden Globes, but at least they act as an interesting reverse-indicator of the Academy Awards. For instance, if someone wins a major prize at the Globes, you are better off betting against them at the Academy Awards. You will also notice that when it comes to acting nominations, fame significantly outweighs talent. (Sandra Bullock has two Best Actress nominations. Two! Sandra Bullock!!!)

Anyway, just for the hell of it, here is how I believe proceedings will go down. Check out my predictions and let us know who you think will go home with a globe.

In the past decade, the winner of this category coincided with the Oscar’s Best Picture victor only four times. Precious is the only film here that seems an unlikely champion, so my prediction is a bit of a crapshoot (saying that, so are all of them really). I’ll say The Hurt Locker will win , only because I don’t believe it will win the Oscar. It deserves the prize far more than Avatar, but Cameron’s flick is looking more and more likely to take the Best Picture Oscar in February.

Uhhh, well (500) Days of Summer is the only film here that is actually really good. Can’t say I’ve seen Nine yet, but the reviews have been poisonous. Julie and Julie and It’s Complicated are just O.K. The Hangover was very funny, and a big hit, but Best Film worthy? Ah well. Previous winners in this category include Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Sweeney Todd and Dreamgirls. I suppose it’s not worthy spending much time mulling over.

The Golden Globes love blockbusters, so Avatar has got to win at least one. With no technical categories at the Globes, please welcome the reigning King of the World to the podium. But don’t get too comfortable up there Cameron. Your ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow is on track to take the same prize at the Academy Awards.

A well respected actor yet to win any major awards. Still, have enough people seen his film?


This is actually quite a tough one. Stuhlbarg and Gordon-Levitt are the only ones in this category who gave great performances. Since I liked Gordon-Levitt’s film better, I’ll give my (completely uncounted) vote to him.

Who doesn’t love an ingénue? Mulligan can’t lose this category, least of all to Sandra Bullock. That is, unless the Golden Globes really really love famous people. Upset? God I hope not.

It’s Meryl Streep! It also helps that she’s incredible in this film, which is more than can be said for her competitors. For those who believe Streep’s votes may be split between her role in Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated, don’t fear. The latter wasn’t a big enough hit (critically or commercially) to pose any threat.

Waltz has received virtually every other supporting actor award there is to give. Much like perennial Supporting Actress winner Mo’Nique, consider this a lock.

See above.


District 9Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
The Hurt Locker – Mark Boal
Inglourious BasterdsQuentin Tarantino
It’s ComplicatedNancy Meyers
Up In The AirJason Reitman, Sheldon Turner

Prediction: Up In The AirJason Reitman, Sheldon Turner

The original screenplays of Inglourious Basterds and The Hurt Locker are impressive, but I believe the Globes will show their affection for those films in other categories. Up in the Air deserves some recognition, and I believe Reitman and Turner’s adapted screenplay will receive it.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is getting serious awards buzz. Still, Pixar is unlikely to be topped.


Broken Embraces
The White Ribbon
The Maid
A Prophet

Prediction: Broken Embraces

The White Ribbon might be the favourite for the Oscar, but I just can’t see the Golden Globes honouring as alienating an auteur as Michael Haneke. Expect them to go for Pedro Almodovar’s lighter Broken Embraces.

Discuss: Who do you think will take home the “prestigious” awards?

One Response to “Golden Globe predictions!”

  1. I reckon "A Prophet" is winning that foreign language category. Seems like the right mix of prestige, reviews (which Embraces doesn't quite have) and importance. I have a feeling that Clooney will take Best Actor and Tarantino will grab Screenplay and maybe swap around Hurt Locker/Cameron for Avatar/Bigelow.Gah. Who knows. These people are keraaazy.

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