Is the Taxi Driver remake happening or not?


Yesterday we salivated over the possibility that Martin Scorsese would remake Taxi Driver, with Robert DeNiro reprising the iconic role of Travis Bickle and hilarious Danish director Lars von Trier acting as Scorsese’s creative partner. Well, it now seems as if that dream will not come true – maybe.

Peter Aalbaek Jensen, von Trier’s producing partner, has called the story “rubbish”. Referring to the original source of the rumour, Jensen said the following: “I have seen [the story] in the Danish film magazine and what is written there is not true.”

Scorsese and von Trier have indeed met up at the Berlin Film Festival, but the reasons for the meeting are unknown. Maybe they’re just buds?

The thing is, neither Scorsese, von Trier or DeNiro have made an official statement regarding the ‘remake’ since the news broke yesterday. Are they all just riding the wave of the free publicity? Scorsese has a film to promote (Shutter Island) and von Trier is trying to secure buyers for his awesome sounding film Melancholia. I would certainly be more willing to abandon all hope for the oddball remake if one of those three called the project “rubbish”.

Scorsese’s next project will likely be a 3D adaptation of Brian Selznick’s novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret. He is also toying with a story about a Jesuit priest called Silence, once slated to star Daniel Day Lewis. Most recently, he announced that he was looking to do another mafia picture with DeNiro, most likely The Irishman (formerly known as I Heard You Paint Houses). That picture will tell the story of mob assassin Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran, who claimed to kill Jimmy Hoffa.

So, he’s kinda busy. But so busy he couldn’t produce a von Trier directed Taxi Driver remake? Or so busy he can’t film a no-budget, tightly scheduled remake under the cruel constraints placed upon him by the Dane, Five Obstructions style?

Clearly, I’m not ready to put this remake idea to bed.

Discuss: So, is Taxi Driver untouchable or does the remake idea excite you?

3 Responses to “Is the Taxi Driver remake happening or not?”

  1. Why would anyone want a remake of the original?Now a sequel looking at Travis Bickle's life 30 years after the orig. story might be interesting.

  2. a remake of the original is a ridiculous and hideous idea. why on earth would that concept excite you? whats wrong with you man?

  3. A remake by Shawn Levy? Booooo!A remake by Lars von Trier? Yaaaay!Imagine how insane that could be? Just to have an existing document of von Trier taking on a classic, a'la The Five Obstructions.Anyway, its not happening, so you can relax.

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