PIXELS – Get ready for a Pac-attack

A great little short film is currently burning up the internets. PIXELS by Patrick Jean shows New York City being attacked by some of your favourite retro video game ‘characters’.

Check it out below (thanks YouTube) or head on over to Slashfilm to see an alternate version with a music track.

Discuss: So, how long until Jean is given a feature film?

4 Responses to “PIXELS – Get ready for a Pac-attack”

  1. That is awesome, The Tetris attack was the best. As for how long, sooner the better.

  2. If this link isn't working check it out on you tube it's gorgeous – loved donkey kong and the space invaders, oh and pacman going through the subway

  3. Anon – cheers for that! Link fixed.

  4. OK, gone again – we'll try and get it up again ASAP.

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