Release the sequel! Clash of the Titans 2 is go

Warner Bros are gearing up for another Clash of the Titans film according to Deadline. No surprise considering the faux-3D first film has so-far grossed $US390 million worldwide (outside of the blockbuster period mind you).

Director Louis Letterier will not return to helm the sequel, and can you blame him? He will instead act as Executive Producer. WB want the sequel in cinemas by early 2012 and are currently searching for a screenwriter and director to take over the project. The haste with which the project is being pulled together is to lock in star Sam Worthington, who will eventually be very busy with a little something called Avatar 2.

Deadline suggest that much of the cast (well, at least those whose character survived) will return for COTT2.

I wasn’t much of a fan of Clash of the Titans (read my 1.5/5 star review here), but I was certainly looking forward to the mythological epic before release. Having since read CHUD’s devastating account of the film that could have been, it’s no surprise why the film doesn’t work.

But hey, in two years time, maybe they team behind COTT will be able to shoot the thing in real 3D. Also, maybe they can have some actual characters in the second film. That would help. A lot.

Discuss: Does this excite you?

One Response to “Release the sequel! Clash of the Titans 2 is go”

  1. As one of three people who loved it, I have mixed feelings about a sequel. Then again, if they got a decent director then it could be very damn good.

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