Spider-Man: Martin Sheen to play Uncle Ben

Another talented actor is set to join Marc Webb‘s upcoming Spider-Man reboot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Martin Sheen (The West Wing, Apocalypse Now, The Departed) is in final negotiations to play Uncle Ben – one of the most significant characters in Spider-Man lore.

For those of you unfamiliar with Spider-Man’s origin, Uncle Ben and Aunt May act as Peter Parker’s surrogate parents. It is Uncle Ben’s untimely death that inspires Peter to use his new Spidey-powers for good.

Uncle Ben was played by Cliff Robertson in Sam Raimi‘s original Spider-Man trilogy.

So, here is the cast so far:

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield
Gwen Stacy (Spidey’s first love): Emma Stone
Dr. Curt Conners/The Lizard: Rhys Ifans

Spider-Man 3-D begins shooting later this year for a May 2012 debut.

Discuss: President Bartlet!

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