>Michael Moore sues the Weinsteins

>So it seems everybody’s “favourite”, “independent”, “documentary” filmmaker is suing producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein. According to Deadline, Michael Moore, who has built something of a healthy career off of exposé documentary films and his intrusive “search for the truth” style of investigative journalism, is now suing the Weinsteins for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud with regard to his 2004 hit doco about the War on Terror: Fahrenheit 9/11.

Claiming “rerouted” unpaid profits, Moore has filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court seeking a settlement of US$2.7 million on top of the US$19.8 million he has already been paid by the Weinsteins to date.

With settlement unlikely, the Weinsteins have a heavy-duty litigator, Bert Fields, who will take on Moore’s own attorney Larry Stein. Stein says this is the first time Moore has ever sued anyone in his twenty-years as a filmmaker.

“That should be some indication about how serious this is,” Stein said. “An independent auditor came in and discovered that the Weinsteins had re-routed at least $2.7 million dollars that belonged to Michael Moore from Fahrenheit 9/11… It’s very sad it had to come to this. Michael believes the Weinsteins have been a force for good when it comes to championing independent film — but that does not give them the right to violate a contract and take money that isn’t theirs.”

So, without settlement on the cards, it looks as though it’s up to the courts to decide. And with Moore supposedly having pocketed over US$48 million on his last picture, 2009’s Capitalism: A Love Story, and with the even stranger rumour that he is apparently simultaneously in talks with the Weinsteins about making another picture (apparently this time, a fictional film), it sounds a little bit like Michael Moore has abandoned his popular post as “man of the people” and fallen blindly in love with capitalism himself.

Discuss: Has Michael Moore finally lost the plot or are the Weinsteins stiffing him out of hard earned cash – who do you think will win in court?

One Response to “>Michael Moore sues the Weinsteins”

  1. >Being a "man of the people" also means going for what's rightfully yours, whether that's money, land, rights, etc. What's wrong if he can prove that it's rightfully his?And you can have disagreements without severing your entire relationship with someone. It's called business.

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