Second rate – X-Men: First Class review

X-Men: First Class – Starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence. Directed by Matthew Vaughn. Rated M. By Simon Miraudo.

With The Dark Knight, we got the first great Batman movie. With Spiderman 2, we got the first great Spiderman movie. We’re still waiting for the first great X-Men movie. Although the mutant Marvel heroes should be a more than adequate mine for motion-picture material, all five film adaptations have come up short. Bryan Singer’s X-Men was bold, but devoid of action. X2 gave us some thrilling sequences, but betrayed its ensemble cast. X3: The Last Stand was … directed by Brett Ratner. X-Men Origins: Wolverine had memory erasing bullets. Needless to say, the series was a fixer-upper by the time Matthew Vaughn was brought on board to helm X-Men: First Class.

If any franchise warranted rebooting, it was this one. Yet First Class fails in much the same way as its predecessors did (or should that be ‘sequels’, considering this one is a prequel?). Although the cast is excellent, and there are a number of nifty hero moments sorely lacking in the other features, the script feels slapdash and the direction shoddy. I had hoped Vaughn would breathe some life into this comic adaptation, as he did in the first half of the joyfully anarchic Kick-Ass. Instead, he falls back on the bad habits he picked up in the second half of that film, where he forgot he was making a razor sharp satire and spoof of cheesy, self-righteous comic book movies, and just made a cheesy, self-righteous comic book movie.

The year is 1962. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is a laddish genius who can woo ladies and guzzle down a beer bong with equal aplomb. He’s also a telekinetic mutant, and has offered sanctuary to the blue-skinned shape shifter Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), promising her a better life by teaching her to look “normal” and helping her hide in plain sight. Although he’s not quite a self-hating mutant, he does have a soft spot for simple-minded humans. That’s more than can be said for Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender), a Holocaust survivor on the hunt for the Nazi/ageless mutant Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) responsible for killing his mother and teaching him to harness his magnetic abilities (and I’m not just talking about the way he wears a turtleneck sweater – hi yo!). When Charles, Erik and Raven’s powers are noticed by the CIA, they are recruited to seek out more of “their kind” to bring an end to Shaw, who’s trying to start World War 3 by orchestrating the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Although the picture takes place in the shadow of those infamous thirteen days, there is no sense of impending doom, or even a ticking clock to keep the stakes high. This is not the intriguing alternate version of events I had hoped to see; there are no stimulating ‘what if?’ scenarios to ponder like there was in Watchmen. Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman (working on a script by Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz) don’t even take advantage of the civil rights movement of the time. The plight of the X-Men has always been paralleled with that of the LGBT community, and although the ‘coming out of the closet’ analogies remain (“mutant and proud”, as they clumsily remind one another) it comes across without any of the poignancy seen in Singer’s first two pictures. Frankly, this film only feels like it takes place in the sixties because of all the cleavage being revealed by the female cast members.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not without highlights. McAvoy and Fassbender are charming foils for one another. If only Vaughn had spent more time fleshing out their relationship, instead of introducing us to countless other mutants that we won’t even get to know long enough to care about. Lawrence is great as the soon-to-be-Mystique, and gives gravitas to a character that seemed to only be included in previous films because she was naked all the time. Nicholas Hoult is also solid as Beast/Hank McCoy, even though he’s given the lion’s share of terrible lines. The villains fare worse. Kevin Bacon seems to have officially transformed into Gary Cole (which isn’t as awesome as it sounds) and the less said about January Jones (as ice queen Emma Frost) the better.

Before you call me out on it, yes, it’s true, I did indeed give Wolverine a positive review back in 2009. It was a different time! Barack Obama had just become president! We were all filled with blind hope! I recognise my wrongs now, and see many of the same issues present once again in X-Men: First Class. The action sequences feel undercooked (the best one rips off the expert opening from X2); the tension is non-existent; the tone inconsistent. Vaughn hints that he’s aiming for an ‘Adam West’s Batman’ style X-Men film, but just when he starts to have a little fun, you can practically feel him pull back, lest he get too campy or weird. Or fun. At least slashfiction fans will find a veritable treasure trove of sequences featuring Fassbender and McAvoy to inspire some saucy material. At least until the inevitable sequel rolls around. Sixth times a charm?


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X-Men: First Class arrives in Australian cinemas June 2, 2011.

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  1. Simon, you are completely wrong. how dare you use an excuse to justify your wrong doings with wolverine. You are an incompetent fool who view films like a 10 year old who has an attention span of melon. If you want a rise action go watch the Scary movie franchise. that should be a treat for your taste bud. Idiot!

    • Wow, did someone just undermine your religeon? X-Men fanboy? I agree with the review. I think X-Men has been terrible from the first film. Although Spidy 2 wasn’t the best spidy film, X-men has been a laugh-out-loud joke since the start. And yes, there are people out there who think that. It isn’t the precious untouchable holy grail of comic-nerd self-love you might like to think. So crawl out of your basement and adjust to the light of reality…. X-men sux.

  2. “Before you call me out on it, yes, it’s true, I did indeed give Wolverine a positive review back in 2009. It was a different time! Barack Obama had just become president! We were all filled with blind hope!”

    Now there’s a rubbish excuse if I ever heard one. At least do the honourable thing by being honest and just admitting you truly have bad taste in films.

  3. Great review mate, this First Class or should I say Fake Class is an embarrassment to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original X-Men team. This piece of crap that they call a film is nothing but garbage and a slap to the face to the real X-Men fans.

    The bottom line is, It’s time for a REBOOT.

  4. Stupid review, the fact that you just owe making a positive review that you now think you should have not given so, proves you dont know how to truly make a bias-free and thoroughly thought review. You can’t be a credible critic.

    Saw the movie man, and its really good. I don’t know what your mood was or what you were thinking, clearly you just want to be different. Now you are, but I hope people still believe in your reviews.

    By the way, watch it again, maybe your thoughts will change.

  5. Absolutely lost any credibility you had.

  6. Hey, guess what?…you can’t change your w
    Wolverine point of view in one sentence, you HACK, to to make the current review more relevant!!!! HACK!

    This guy is now the “Benedict Arnold” of film critics..

    (What if everyone kept changing their opinions about everything from the past, in favor of something in the present, when it came to movies, literature, and music? There would never be an honest, un-biased opinion EVER!)

    You sir…have no spine and you make a BULL**** attempt/reference to/about the “prez” and “blind hope” to cover it up- to try to make a joke out of it?


    You should have just had some moxy and kept your mouth shut and lived with it.

    How does it feel being the worst movie critic on the internet in a sea of bad film critics!?

    I’d let this guy go- permanently…and get a replacement writer.


    I will never be visiting this site again.

  7. This critic gave a bad review to X-2 and a good review to Wolverine so I really think this is one of those where you should go to any film he hates.

  8. Instead of apologizing for your wrong Wolverine review, you say that it was a different time, Obama had become president…

    surely you don’t think your audience to be that stupid, you condescending fool ! You just lost your credibility mate

  9. Who cares??? He didn’t like the movie.. Now what??? Your all going to lambaste this guy cause he didn’t like the movie??? It happens and not every movie is going to be a homerun with some people.. You all need to stop taking this sh** so seriously..

  10. A positive review for Wolverine?
    A negative review for X2?

    Simon Miraudo has zero credibility. Like Armond White, there’s no value in reading Quickflix reviews in the future.

  11. I have seen the film and I thought it was pretty good. I don’t think it is a particularly brilliant film and I have some very specific issues with it, but I did like it more than Simon did.

    However, this is not a bad review. Far from it. Simon is calling it as he sees it and his points are sound and convincingly argued. That makes this a good review and I’m yet to read a single comment here that even comes close to intelligently arguing against any of the issues that Simon raises.

    Besides, is it really worth getting so upset when somebody disagrees with you on a film? Especially a film that most of you haven’t even seen yet?

    So good work Simon and I enjoyed reading your perspective. I did enjoy the film more than you did, but I absolutely see where you are coming from with all the points that you have made here.


  12. Corey: shut up you dork, no one gives a crap about the comic books. The fact that this reviewer said Charles Xavier has telekinetic powers confirms his stupidity. His only giving this film a bad review because everyone else has given it a good one and he wasn’t to stand out cause his a moron. Obviously its his opinion but when everyone has said the script is tight and very good and his saying its not makes someone wonder, must be a bitchy fan boy who wants everything like the source material

  13. What a sad sad man, I can’t believe he gets paid for this. Dark knight first great batman? Tim burtons batman was and always will be the first, not to mention chris nolans first, batman begins. You also forgot xmen and x2 were simply amazing. Please someone fire this man.

  14. What’s really telling is at the top of his reviews is a review for ‘The Green Hornet’…..

    WHICH HE GAVE 4/5 rating.

    I need look at NOTHING else, not even the Wolverine comment, to know he’s got his marbles all wrong

  15. He only expressed his opinion. So guy’s please stop this nonsense and stop acting like little children.

    What I don’t like with this movie is that they chose some unknown characters that looks boring. When they could have chosen the more popular mutants like young Cyclops, Jean and Storm.

    And the only recognizable characters in this movie was Prof.X Magneto and Beast. The FX looks cheap, and it’s trying way to hard to be cool but it fails miserably on all levels.

    They showered us with tons of footage to convince us that it’s a good movie. It shows that they desperately wants us to see it because they’re afraid that they might lose their money.

    Overall this movie looks like a rushed job to keep the X-men rights away from Marvel.

    I give this review a 9/10

  16. You truly are clueless. Wolverine was rubbish, this is pretty damn good entertainment. Whatever you’re on, take more!

  17. Wow! Thanks for all the comments everyone (yes, even those of you calling for me to be fired). I know the only reason any of you read reviews, let alone feel vitriol towards anyone who disagrees with you, is because you love movies – and it’s a position I sympathise with entirely. I wouldn’t have made the – some would say STILL unwise – decision to do this for a living if I wasn’t just as passionate.

    There are those of you who are annoyed that I backtracked on my opinion on Wolverine. Well, yeah, because opinions are fluid. Sometimes we feel differently about a film from one evening to the next; sometimes our opinions change over years. I grew up thinking Labyrinth was a masterpiece. I now know that’s not true (although Magic Dance still gets plenty of plays on the iPod). Please don’t feel as if your opinions should be set in stone – we are humans, not computers. (Also, the Obama thing was a joke. But you knew that…)

    Then there are those that are annoyed because I just didn’t like the film, yet I SOMEHOW liked The Green Hornet, Sucker Punch etc. That’s right. I did like those films more. And yes, you’re totally entitled to disagree with me, and argue with me, and debate with me. I don’t think my opinion is the be all and end all. I WANT to discuss these films with you. A review is not the END of the conversation – it’s a start. So, I’m not going to engage with people who call me an idiot or worse (especially coming from people who haven’t seen the film). But I LOVE that people feel passionately about the movie, and want to defend it. I want to hear WHY you loved the movie. We all love movies – but we’re meant to love different movies.

    So, thank you again for engaging with my review. I would love those of you who see it to come back and share your thoughts, and expand on how much you disagree with, or agree with, my own comments.



    • Fair enough Simon, after all we all have our own opinions on this particular film.

      I regularly disagree with critic reviews and at least this engages some passionate discussion.

      I enjoyed the movie, it was entertaining, just perplexed why you thought so very differently? You are certainly in the minority here. Wolverine was rubbish, Hugh Jackman did his best with a terrible script.

      Roll on Super 8. Will read your review with interest.

    • You’re STILL the only one, Simon. STILL…

      • Now it’s 40-1, Simon. Still the only one…

      • Wow. It’s now 54-1 against you, Simon. Are you willing to re-watch the film? Because we’re willing to accept an alternate review. Are you going to vote for Palin-Trump in the next election too??

    • There’s a difference between changing your opinion as you transition from childhood to adulthood and changing it after virtually no time has passed, AFTER you’ve become a professional critic.

      Terrible analogy.

      And Armond White is a good writer with bonafides. You are just a trashy opportunist.

  18. Fair enough Simon, after all we all have our own opinions on this particular film.

    I regularly disagree with critic reviews and at least this engages some passionate discussion.

    I enjoyed the movie, it was entertaining, just perplexed why you thought so very differently? You are certainly in the minority here. Wolverine was rubbish, Hugh Jackman did his best with a terrible script.

    Roll on Super 8. Will read your review with interest.

  19. what a classy response simon!

  20. Well! The problem here is that some movies need a little of respect. When movies like X-2 and First Class that are being receiving good reviews by almost all critics, its maybe because there is something good about them. You committed the crime to be the first to give the movie in rotten tomatoes and that is going to convert Simon in a celebrity( Hated one). Anyways I respect opinions and I feel the same way as you about some movies the first time around. I saw The Interpreter the first time at the theatres and I got bore to dead and I saw with my wife at home and I follow the plot a little better the second time around and like it. I had a blast watching Transformers 2 in the Imax even the flaws but when I start watching over and over again in the blueray I realized, men this script is awful, this could be better. So, that happens!!!!!

  21. I usually never leave responses but my issue is with XMEN never having a *great* movie. X2 is considered the best comic book movie of all time. Sorry man, you lost me on this one.

    • X-2 the greatest comic book movie of all time? Who considers it that? X-men fans? X-2 is awful. It was a pain to watch. I agree with Simon, there has been no great X-men movie. And there probably never will be. R.I.P. the X-men of the comics. Those were the good ol’ days.

  22. It’s ridiculous how people react to these reviews. Why would you care if a movie gets a perfect tomatometer or not? Did you make the movie? Is Fox paying you to promote the film?

    Grow up, people.

  23. Admit it, you just wanted to be the reviewer that knocked this movie off its 100% Tomato-meter. Way to go buddy. Clap. Clap. Clap.


    Thats all I hear from you people and your comments. A person is allowed to dislike a damn movie and who cares if he knocks it out of the RT meter 100 percent………does it really affect your life that badly that you have to whine and complain about it?

  25. Wow Simon. Embarrassingly bad review. What was wrong with X2? Some rubbish about the ensemble cast, blah, blah, blah. Quickflix, are you hiring yet?

  26. wow, what a stupid review, what a idiot this guy is, he gave negative review for this movie just because he’s jealous it’s 100% at Rottentomato

  27. Simon Miraudo sounds like one of those critics who think the point of critique is to bitch about something. Like an art critic who criticises Salvador Dali saying “it’s not bad, but it lacks reality.”

  28. Erik Lensherr aka Magneto will gonna find you and kill you! damn! I hate your review.



  30. this review is a mess.

  31. Are you f*cking nuts dude? What the hell were you smoking when you wrote this insulting review? I think that the most of the comments speak for the outlandishness of your fucking comments. It must be true that most movie reviewers have a “no fun” gene. You should do us all a favor and quit while you are ahead. Just stop watching and reviewing movies man. You suck. ZERO F***ING CREDIBILITY!!!! You are just that fucking Internet troll who goes left when everyone else goes right, just to get you any type of publicity, which you did, but in this case you are fucking yourself in the ass. People are never going to listen to you ever again. I mean seriously what the fuck man?

  32. just saw this critic’s history, now i understand his 2.5 rating. he’s a fan of bad movies! hangover 2 got a 3 star. if may 21st wasn’t the end, the day that movie was rated a 3 star should have been the end!

  33. Just fyi Vaugn was going for vintage Bond and not vintage camp batman.

    And Kick Ass was great at both satire and homage to costumed heroes.

    I think you are just not very good at reviewing CBM.

  34. This guy is the next Armond White in the making

    • That the unmistakable truth man. Nice call on that one. This review is coming from a guy who certified Justin f***ing Bieber as a fresh movie. This dude has ZERO credibility. None whatsoever. He should probably think of a career change because he sure f***ed himself over with this one. 40 reviews in so far and still only one rotten one from this craftsman toolbag. Remember Simon those have a lifetime guarantee. Hahaha!!!

  35. i cant bash this review because i havent seen the movie yet.. but i like vaughns direction with this.. considering how many reboots and remakes have gone wrong, carrying a story thats more about character then SUPERficial qualities makes any comic book movie fresh in my opinion with the flurry of crap comic book movies that have come along over the past few years. the Xmen has always been about values, and if you were looking for something more campy or weird, i dont believe this would be the right medium to be looking for it.. im looking forward to xmen first class because the last two xmens werent xmens.

  36. Ur review sucks!!!

  37. …so now you think you’re a review hipster. Huh. Liking the movie was so mainstream, you decided to post the singular negative review. Cool story bro.

    ANYWAY – I’m killing the days ’till I get to see this movie. Tickets are booked, exams are done… (and apparently there are x-signals over LA. hm)

  38. “Before you call me out on it, yes, it’s true, I did indeed give Wolverine a positive review back in 2009. It was a different time! Barack Obama had just become president! We were all filled with blind hope!”

    Whata lame excuse…
    I rarely comment on reviews, but your review for first class strips you of any credibility you had left. A reviewer died today just because he wanted hits on the website. 😦 Sad day.

  39. I have not seen this movie yet but I’m sorry this guy does not know what he’s talking about Vaughn should be given the credit he deserves Singer and Earner had their chance and we do not want to see anymore Wolverine movies.Xmen is here to stay.Nuff said

  40. personally, i can appreciate a review like this. so you didn’t like the movie, that’s fine; you have your point of view and that’s perfectly respectable. taste is personal and, well, you can’t please everyone. no movie is perfect, and every movie out there will have people who loved it, and people who hated it. at least you’re articulate about it and you expand on what you thought was lacking from the movie in a way that makes me understand, if not agree. i will definitely not harp on one negative review even though i do believe from the majority of the other reviews out there that i will like this movie. it’s your opinion, and your review, and it’s just as valid as any other.

    that said, running off to twitter to gloat about having knocked down a perfect score on RT? that’s just tacky, and THAT’S what makes you lose credibility in my eyes. i don’t know what your thought process was when “inviting people to hate on the review” but to me it just sounds immature, patronizing to people who actually find movie reviews useful, and overall just a stunt to get attention. which you’ve gotten, i guess, so congratulations on that. but how much of that attention remains, that’s yet to be seen. i know i won’t be reading your reviews in the future, at least.

    • Hi Carla. Thanks for your comment. If you had seen my full list of Tweets, you would have recognised that they were made in jest; that I knew posting the first negative review on Rotten Tomatoes would see me bombarded with hate. I didn’t post a negative review just to troll and score hits – I just wasn’t that much of a fan of the movie. SOMEONE had to post the first negative review, and it just happened to be me. I certainly won’t be the last (even if I do remain in the minority).

      I was certainly not gloating on Twitter – perhaps you’ll forgive me for trying to preemptively acknowledge the impending hate from people who haven’t seen the movie, and to take comments in which I’m told to **** off and die with some humour. But once again, this is the beauty of discourse and free speech. I’m allowed to say what I want about a movie, and people are allowed to say what they want about me. I just don’t want my opinion on the film to be misconstrued, just because some think I’m merely trolling for page impressions. Thanks again 🙂

      • Preemptively joking about it on twitter is your way of coping with the hate (presumably you see hate as a negative)?

        Yet you don’t seem to realize that you’ve invited more criticism by doing so the way you did?

        Carla’s second paragraph and many other voices of negative feedback wouldn’t exist had you not done it. All you’ve done was multiply and partially justify the vitriol.

        There are more mature ways of sublimating your anxiety.

  41. I hope a couple of bad reviews show up soon besides you and Armond White!!!!! If not make us a favor of quiting your job!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  42. Wow… Terrible insight from the beginning… Batman begins was in fact the first great batman movie. Many would argue that there is yet to have been a great spiderman. Also you are the FIRST one to give this a rotten. You should never review another comic book movie… Ever.

    • Oh and I looked back at the wolverine review… I don’t think you were watching the same movie as the rest of us then… Or now… Someone posted that this is an outrage to all X-Men fans…. False…

  43. Commenters: all owned. According to this reviewer’s Twitter admissions, he purposefully wrote this review to drive attention here and increase comments.

    “And I just knocked it from 100% to 96% on RT” he writes on Twitter. And also “Dear internet: I invite you to hate on a negative review of X-MEN FIRST CLASS”

    Quickflix and Simon lack professional integrity. Like Armond White, you can safely ignore both entities in the future.

  44. You know what Mr. Miraudo, I actually applaud your class handling this. I haven’t seen this movie yet but rest assured I will contribute to its opening weekend pull. But until I do, I really can’t have an educated opinion on this movie. You sir have already seen this movie making your opinion more educated than mine. Now, based upon the patterns of our tastes in movies I can infer that I will enjoy this movie more than you did. But this isn’t my point. My point is that despite our differences in tastes, we both do indeed have the right to express ourselves however I see fit for whatever reason we see fit. You reminded me of this. Whether or not you wrote the review to get more hits by being the first to post a negative review or you sincerely were not impressed by the movie is inconsequential. The point is you have a public forum where you get paid/credit/both to express yourself in any way you choose. We, as your reading public, get to react to whatever you write in whatever way we see fit. The fact that you graciously accept that fact by enduring angry rants against your person and integrity as the consequences of your actions says enough about your character for me to go this far.
    Thanks man. Thanks for reminding me that the ability to express ourselves with total freedom is something to respect and value and not dismiss.

  45. You’re hilarious. Never in my life would I think I’d see the day when a man would stoop this low. You have continuously stated that you genuinely hated this movie, but that contradicts what you have been posting on twitter. You obviously did this for attention when you say “I knocked it from 100 to 96 and I invite you to hate on it.” You obviously don’t care about contributing an honest review towards the general public and in the process you have completely tarnished any sort of credibility (if any) that you had. So congratulations, I hope the attention was worth it, because now nobody will take you seriously.

  46. Wow I stand corrected but not owned. You can’t own people with twitter… Besides who the hell would follow this r-tard’s twitter anyway. I boycott this fake review and am pissed that you soiled rottentomatoes with your complete lack of awesomeness.

  47. You tweets have been really unprofessional like “Dear internet: I invite you to hate on a negative review of X-MEN FIRST CLASS.” + ”
    And I just knocked it from 100% to 96% on RT”

    I mean come on seriously.
    I don’t mind you giving a bad review but it sounds like that you’re just trying to lower a films rating.

  48. I’m sure you’ve convinced yourself of some bogus martyrdom going on here. Standing steadfast in your opinions against the sea of subsequent hate.

    But really, you’re just coming across as a delusional douche. At least Armond White has the sense to disengage from the foolishness. He doesn’t kill his credibility by preemptively provoking the fanbase on twitter. That is incredibly immature. At least he takes his “contrarionism” seriously. Because he knows that in cases when he stands out as a contrarian, he becomes a disproportionally large specimen of film criticism, under the microscope of many eyes.

    Frankly, your review isn’t even good enough to represent the sole voice of dissent. You write about your positive Wolverine review as if it was something difficult to get right. That movie was abysmal, with glaring faults and no redemption. And it was a film, not a race. It’s not like you didn’t have time to absorb it, meticulously plot your analysis and re-evaluate before publishing.

    Oh, but at least you’ve recanted. At least, 2 years later, you’ve become aware of its errors. Because the public deserves a fickle film critic, vomiting hackjob reviews that he’ll go back on and have a hearty chuckle over. Let’s substitute that shallowness in the place of insightful commentary.

    Imo you’ve completely wasted an opportunity to show your merit as a film critic. And you’ve proven that your opinions aren’t stable. So based on your reviewing history, and in the case of a 97% positively rated movie, what is more likely? You’ve given an accurate appraisal of the film here? Or you’ve written something meaningless that you will take back in a few years time?

    And of course, congrats on the publicity. Well deserved.

  49. Ebert kicks your ass. Hard 😦

  50. Stephen Castaneda Reply June 1, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    This comment section is filled with twats and trolls. A review is purely subjective and if you disagree then that’s your opinion which is no more right than Simon’s. My final thought is who gives a flying f*ck about Rotten Tomato?! You’re not going to agree with everyone.

  51. The heads at quickflix came up with a brilliant way to get web traffic on this one. Have hack critic give the only rotten on and everyone will click it.
    thus coming to site
    thus profit.

  52. Can I have simon’s job? He sucks.

    First Class was a 4 out of 5

    The review was 1.5 out of 5

    The movie did ebb and flow quality wise, but on the whole had much more plusses than minuses.

    Which is more than can be said fir the review, or Sucker Punch, for that matter..

  53. “Dear internet: I invite you to hate on a negative review of X-MEN FIRST CLASS.

    “And I just knocked it from 100% to 96% on RT.” -via your Twitter

    Despite what you say, you are pulling an Armond White by being a contrarian just to get attention. You’ve done good reviews in the past, get back on track or forget landing a paper edition job kiddo.

  54. Damn! Now, I don’t know whether or not this review is fair (and I personally disagree with Simon’s comments about Spiderman 2 and, implicitly, Batman Begins) but it is certainly dissected and its parametres analysed one by one, so Simon has done his job properly, and the reactions here are off-the-chart unproportionally angry. A perhaps unwisely ambiguous tweet doesn’t change that, and it is petty to misinterpret that tweet intentionally.

  55. PS: Keep up the great work, Simon! Even if this review turns out to be unfair and a bit weak, your reviews are generally terrific and I always look forward to Quickflix’ spam emails just in order to get a dose of your writing!

  56. Simon we know your MO its too bad your negative review will probably be the only one.Nice try bub.I guess you gave Batman and Robin a 5/5.Btw Sucker Punch was pure piss.Every dweeb loves dancing girls and that flick had no story and plot holes big enough to fit Jabba the Hut.LMAO.

  57. Wow, judging by the last paragraph of this review, simon’s become a douche. Maybe he had some kind of life changing experience involving some kind of relationship? Don’t get me wrong, he’s good at writing reviews, but he’s changed man.

  58. Everyone should ignore this review and Simon for that matter hes just trying to stir people up and lower the percentage for what ever douchebag reason he has.

  59. Wow these comments and the review sum up what is wrong with the Quickflix blog in general. Most of the comments by members are directed at Simon’s review. Good on everyone for their spirited discussion. I am increasingly bored with the elitist one-dimensional reviews and news items that all Quickflix staffers put on this site and the general view that all arthouse is good. For a forum where, considering the volume of members, all articles should aim to inspire tons of comment, discussion and disagreement it stuns me that there’s barely any. Except for this one.

  60. This guy is is an idiot, First of all I have seen his other reviews and every movie he has praised has been horrible and every movie he has put down, has been great.

  61. I really liked your review. I haven’t seen the movie, but I don’t really let reviews influence my own thoughts of a movie.

    I just wanted to say that your review is really well written and you said what you’ve had to say.

    Cynical or not, thanks for not fart-arsing around and keep up the good work.



  62. Okay you lowered it from 100%, I got kinda mad. You know, whatever. It’s just your opinion. But when you put down Kick-Ass, a brilliant, BRILLIANT film, you just crossed the damn line.

  63. OMG it looks like we can’t engage with reviews we disagree with, otherwise the writer is going to complain that EVERYONE is a bile-filled hater who wants homogeneity in film criticism.

    That is the equivalent of what you are doing, when you keep stating that it’s wrong for you to receive counterarguments to your review.

    Your twitter rants are purely straw man.

    • That fact that you are receiving criticism for your review does not mean that we are against contrasting opinions.

      You are lying to yourself if you honestly believe it to be the case.

    • He is not complaining about counter-arguments. He is ENCOURAGING counter arguments from people who have actually seen the movie (see his first reply), which I bet are very few. He is against death threats and stupid comments by fan-boys who have not seen the movie and are just annoyed that the reviewer didn’t like something they love.

  64. The tomatometer is taking one from the critic of MSN as a good review. He made good comments about the movie but mostly he bashed it!!!!!

  65. well i just saw it and i thoght it was pretty good. i liked the way they introduced more of a storyline and started to tie in the characters past to help make more sense of the earlier movies.

    from what ive read about the franchise their trying to pull away from the classic comic book movie theme and go somewhere a little different. just like what batman did with the dark knight.

    that doesnt mean their disrespecting stan lee or anything because he was a producer on the movie and had allot of say throughout the filming process.

    I just think they need to turn x men a little darker, not directed at young teens but older teens and adults. Because we are the ones that grew up with the comic books and tv shows. They need more violence, graphic fights, delve a little deeper into the characters and their pasts.

    im looking forward to what their gonna do with the next one.

    good movie 7/10

  66. “there are no stimulating ‘what if?’ scenarios to ponder like there was in Watchmen” ?????

    im pretty sure they shoiw a vision of the world destroyed by nuclear war, most of the humans dead and the thousands of mutants at shaws feet chanting his name or something.

    that sounds like impending doom to me

  67. You all look like absolute imbeciles now that Simon’s negative review has been joined by 16 others so far – some of them Top Critics.
    Are you going to abuse them and demand they be removed from RT?
    This was all extremely amusing.

  68. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but I believe your review was just a bit too harsh, considering the fact that Vaughn had very limited time to wrap up the entire movie. It may not be the best X-film in the franchise, but it sure is hell a runner up just behind X2 (and perhaps even the 1st X-Men). The action scenes turned out to be more than what I had hoped for and the performances of both McAvoy and Fassbender were worthy of praise, given the fact that it was never gonna easy portraying the roles of Xavier and Lensherr, with the pressure of knowing that every fanboy’s expectations breathing down their necks. I’d rate the movie a solid 3.5/5 — seems fair, no?

  69. I have to disagree with you. The film was great and kept the audience and I, constantly entertained. I do have to say that some of the special effects we’re lousy. If you feel like commenting on my movie blog, I’m right here:

    • You mean explosions and makeup effects? Because that’s what ‘special effects’ are. The majority of the VISUAL EFFECTS in First Class were fine, though. Especially the submarine scene.

  70. I’m sorry, but these responses are just ridiculous. Are you people serious? I really hope all of these posts railing against Simon’s review, his “credibility” regarding his comments on twitter about being the first negative reviewer and the whole fiasco over his (joking) explanation for his positive review for the Wolverine movie was just one person releasing their thoughtless, juvenile aggression via internet under different names, and that there are not actually over two dozen independent individuals who not only would go so shamelessly far beyond the realm of what could be considered a rational or proportional emotional response to a FILM REVIEW, but who could also, somehow, deem THIS MOVIE as such an incontestable masterpiece that such bitter, overblown disparagement of those with a contradictory view is actually justified. Welcome to the world of subjective individual experience and interpretation, people- which, in addition to freedom of speech, is what we have to thank for such colorful– if not particularly profound (and at times even downright inane and borderline pathological) discourse as this.
    Sorry, but if the notion that not everyone is always going to share your position on everything is something that completely turns your world upside-down and drives you to unprecedented–and potentially clinically certifiable–depths of frustration and sends you on a vociferous tyrade of personal denigration and repudiation, you’re in for one hell of a miserable existence. As a long-time fan of X-men (both the original animated series and the comics), I can say without hesitation that no fanboy of anything related to the original series/story has any place defending this movie. As for Simon, I felt he was incredibly generous in his review, as this movie was an absolute disaster from start to finish- and is in no way deserving of the unequivocal approbation it received from most critics, much less the emphatic reverence and blindly overdefensive endorsement of some of the prior posters on this forum.


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