Mark Romanek wanted for Disney’s Cinderella

Disney is reportedly trying to sign director Mark Romanek to wear their glass slipper and helm the upcoming live-action feature Cinderella.

According to Deadline, the music video director who also gave us One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go is being pitched the film based on Aline Brosh McKenna’s (screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada) treatment that sold in a whopping seven-figure deal last year.

Rebooted fairytales will soon reach the ‘comic book adaptations’ level of saturation. After Disney’s billion-dollar grossing live adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, it’s no surprise they’re tapping into their rich history in fables and fairytales.

McKenna’s script may be worth worrying about, with the story reported to have the Prince set for a politically arranged marriage before he meets Cinderella.

There’s a chance Cinderella could delight like Kevin Lima’s Enchanted, or terrify like the recent reimagining of Beauty and the BeastBeastly.

Discuss: Is Romanek the right man for the job?

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