Matthew McConaughey returns for The Lincoln Lawyer 2

Ladies man and enemy of the shirt Matthew McConaughey is in talks to reprise his role as Mickey Haller in a sequel to the surprise hit The Lincoln Lawyer.

The news was revealed by Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns on CNBC (via Deadline).

Known for his lukewarm romantic comedies, McConaughey surprised many with his portrayal of a sleazy defence lawyer who encounters a sudden ethics crisis when representing a wealthy client. The film also starred Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe and William H. Macy, and was so successful that Lionsgate are planning a follow-up television series and big screen sequel.

While McConaughey won’t reprise his role for the small screen, Burns did confirm he was back on board for the film. The first picture was based on Michael Connelly’s novel of the same name, and the character Mickey actually appears in three more of Connelly books, so it looks as though there is plenty of material left for McConaughey to tackle.

Discuss: Is this a sequel you’d like to see?

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