Poster Debut: The Expendables 2

Twelve character posters for The Expendables 2 have arrived online, showing off stars Sylvester Stallone, Chuck NorrisBruce Willis, and the rest.

I wasn’t previously interested in seeing a sequel to the interminable Expendables until this poster revealed Stallone would be rocking a handlebar moustached. Re-intrigued!

Simon West directs the sequel, which also stars Arnold SchwarzeneggerJean-Claude Van DammeJason StathamJet LiDolph LundgrenTerry CrewsLiam HemswortRandy Couture and Yu Nan. Head on over to Slashfilm to see the rest of the posters.

The Expendables 2 hits Australian cinemas August 30, 2012.

Discuss: Sold?

2 Responses to “Poster Debut: The Expendables 2”

  1. Norris? SOLD!

  2. Totally sold. How can a big kid like me not get excited by all my favourite action stars of the 80s plus new-breed noughties stars unloading infinite ammo clips into nameless faceless minions of some evil druglord or fascist leader??!! Pure mindless entertainment. The kind of thing I would seek out on VHS 15-20 years ago.

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