Arnold Schwarzenegger back for The Legend of Conan

Have you ever wondered what Conan The Barbarian got up to in his senior years? Wonder no longer as Deadline reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to reprise one of his most definitive roles.

Set to be written by Chris Morgan – who can be proud of penning the last four Fast and the Furious films – The Legend Of Conan will reportedly ignore the most recent Conan remake and follow on from the very first film.

At the ripe old age of 65, Schwarzenegger will apparently play an aging Conan who constantly complains about pesky kids or at least that’s what we envision an age appropriate film would cover.

Conan: The Senior Years will hit your screens sometime in 2014 and we hope a sequel to Pumping Iron follows soon after.

One Response to “Arnold Schwarzenegger back for The Legend of Conan”

  1. Seriously though, I think this could be good. The first Conan story (or one of the first – thinking of Phoenix on the sword) was actually of Conan as on old king whose adventuring days were behind him. And remember that first film ended with an image of Conan as an aging king on the throne so this makes sense. I just hope they don’t Indiana Jones it and bring in a Shia LeBouf young son type character.

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