The Veronica Mars movie has a budget of $5.7 million

The Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie has come to a close with $5.7 million in the bank. 

Veronica Mars

It took 31 days for star Kristen Bell and showcreater Rob Thomas to encourage 91,585 fans to make a donation, each of whom will be rewarded with tokens ranging from limited edition sticker sets to a walk-on role, depending on the size of their generosity.

The campaign hit its original goal of $2 million in just 12 hours of launching.

This is the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever, both in terms of money raised and number of donors.

Jason Dohring, Bell’s co-star in the short lived teen detective series, is the only other co-star to officially sign on for the flick.

It is extremely likely that the remainder of the cast will follow.

Warner Bros will likely distribute the film in cinemas on a limited number of screens, whilst simultaneously debuting it on VOD.

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