Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo to be cut by 36 minutes

Mood Indigo

Michel Gondry’s latest effort, Mood Indigo, has certainly perplexed film festival audiences who were perhaps expecting a light-hearted romp.

Though the picture does indeed begin in the manner of a quirky French rom-com, it slowly evolves into a strange, heartbreaking tale of a relationship’s disintegration in the face of terminal illness.

So, not super cheerful stuff.

This is perhaps the reason a new, shorter cut has been produced for the non-French crowd.

According to Dark Horizons, quoting an email from Australian distributor Vendetta Films, 36 minutes have been excised from the feature, which is now “a looser adaptation” of Boris Vian’s 1947 novel Froth on the Daydream.

They describe it as “a VERY different film experience,” likely as a means of distancing the new cut from the one that has infuriated viewers.

I was not one of those viewers. You can read my review here.

Though Mood Indigo certainly defied my expectations, I found it a lovely, melancholy, and suitably strange story elevated by Gondry’s talents.

It also shifts in tone and style very subtly over the course of its running time, and I fear that having a quarter of the picture banished to the land of ghosts and whispers will make it all seem artless.

Will a false, happier ending be impressed on this new edit? More news as it develops.

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