Ricky Gervais making a David Brent movie


It’s official: Ricky Gervais will resurrect his legendary Office boss and make a David Brent movie.

According to the BBC, the flick will follow Brent as he attempts to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star.

Titled Life on the Road, it will go into production next year.

Gervais has trotted out Brent a number of times in the eleven years since The Office wrapped up: for Comic Relief, a series of online videos (Learn Guitar with David Brent), and even in the U.S. remake of The Office (twice).

The British comic has had much success on the small screen, earning Golden Globes for The Office and an Emmy for Extras, not to mention a further Emmy nomination for his new, critically-reviled show Derek.

However, in cinema, it’s been a mixed bag. His directorial efforts – Cemetery Junction, The Invention of Lying – were DOA, and those he’s merely starred in (Muppets Most Wanted, Ghost Town) haven’t fared much better.

Maybe by resurrecting one chilled out entertainer he can turn that around.

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