The Strike Is Over! Back to Work Seth Rogen!

Last Wednesday, the Writers Guild of America voted overwhelmingly to lift the strike order which had been crippling both Film and Television production.

A hefty 92.5% of the guild voted in favor of going back to work after a new contract was made with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Among the many positives of the strike being lifted include writers getting some more coin, thousands returning to work and Lost going back into production.

I’m especially glad to know that some very exciting film projects will finally receive scripts.

The first is the highly anticipated sequel to Transformers, which director Michael Bay admitted last week to having already formulated a story. Knowing Bay’s speedy production time and Paramount’s desire to repeat the $700 million dollar gross of the original, we can probably be optimistic and hope for a 2009 release.

Second is the seemingly cursed Justice League of America movie. The George Miller helmed project has been delayed until 2010; but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from working overtime during the strike.

The latest rumour is that JLA will focus on how the remaining members of the league (including Wonder Woman, The Flash and The Green Lantern) deal with the expulsion of Batman and the death of Superman. This certainly solves the problem of Christian Bale and Brandon Routh refusing to reprise their roles in the Miller film.

Of course, Megan Gale is currently being touted as the new Wonder Woman, while fellow Australian Teresa Palmer will possibly play Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter Talia. The OC‘s Adam Brody is considered the likeliest candidate to play The Flash, and rapper Common has confirmed he will play The Green Lantern. However, no official casting announcement has been made by Warner Brothers.

Now for my favourite post-strike project: The Green Hornet, to be written by Knocked Up star Seth Rogen! Not only that, he’s going to play the Hornet as well!

I know what you’re thinking – this could go very badly. But I can’t wait to see this, especially with rumours of Stephen Chow being considered to play Kato.

Unfortunately, due to the strike delay, both the JLA and Green Hornet flicks are not expected for a couple of years.

To tide us over, the only superhero films we’ll get to see are Wolverine, Magneto, The Watchmen, Thor, The Man of Steel (Superman), The Dark Knight (Batman) and Will Smith‘s Hancock.

Sigh, I guess that’ll do.

So congratulations WGA! A well deserved victory. But please, now that you’ve won, don’t give us another Norbit. Didn’t we suffer enough?

– Simon

2 Responses to “The Strike Is Over! Back to Work Seth Rogen!”

  1. We will suffer more, much more if Seth Rogen is allowed to do the Green Hornet! Seriuosly, wtf’s WRONG with you ?!?!?!

  2. Megan Gale as wonderwoman? Seriously? Who decided Megan Gale could act? Don’t get me wrong, she is gorgeous and a great presenter. But seriously, she’s no wonderwoman.

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