Batman 3 – Are the Rumours True or False?

Since The Dark Knight proved to be the best thing to happen to everyone, ever, rumours have been flying around about the inevitable sequel. But is a sequel even going to happen?

Let’s look at what we know for certain:

1. The Dark Knight NEEDS a sequel – it practically ends on a cliffhanger! Director Christopher Nolan wouldn’t dare leave us up in the air like that. I mean, imagine if George Lucas had said after The Empire Strikes Back, “That’s all, folks! We’re done!” Hmmm, actually that might not have been the worst idea.

2. The Dark Knight has so-far made approximately a zillion dollars at the box office. Considering even the most minor successes usually get their own sequel, I think its safe to say a third film is coming. However…

3. Nolan is NOT signed on for another film. According to Warner’s honchos, he is on a well-deserved holiday, and the possibility of a sequel will be discussed when he returns. If he decides to move on to another project, I guarantee Warner would go ahead without him, replacing anyone who didn’t want to join them. This would suck, but they wouldn’t think twice.

“Should I buy 1 island, or 2?”

David S. Goyer (Co-writer of the Batman films) has stated that the series was originally envisioned as a trilogy. Part 2 was meant to focus on the Joker and Harvey Dent, while Part 3 would be Two-Face’s time to shine. As everyone now knows, these concepts were squashed together in The Dark Knight.

Goyer is now writing a new Invisible Man movie, and is writing and directing the next X-Men: Origins film, this time focusing on Magneto. While the latter film sounds awesome, it’s not quite as nice as a DK sequel. Goyer is pretty much indisposed until 2010, but it’s not a big deal if he’s not involved with the third film. After all, he didn’t exactly write the film; he just helped Nolan come up with the story. David S. Goyer did write Jumper however, a screenplay we at Quickflix are big fans of.

Well, all these facts are getting too depressing, so lets hit the rumours and see who is supposedly supposedly to be ‘in-line’ for the next villains.

Johhny Depp as The Riddler

This rumour was squashed by Depp himself, although he admits playing the role would be fun. I could see Depp rocking this character though.

Cher as Catwoman

Lord knows how this rumour even started, but surely its not true. It can’t be. No. No definitely not, I’m sure of it. Unless……no, I cannot even entertain this rumour. FALSE! Please, let it be false.

Two-Face – Again

SPOILER ALERT. Please do not keep reading if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight. But seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s been seven weeks people! You should have all seen it twice by now.

There have been a lot of rumours that Two-Face will return for the sequel. This would be impressive considering he DIED at the end of The Dark Knight. Bloggers have been holding on desperately to the possibility that Two-Face survived the fall at the end. Aaron Eckhart himself has told that Dent is dead. So there you go.

So where does this leave the Bat fans? A sequel is practically guaranteed, and I think it’s very likely Nolan would return, lest he face the brunt of angry fanboy retaliation. Will he wait until 2010 to develop a story with Goyer? That would mean the film wouldn’t come out until 2013!

As for the villains, we are unfortunately still in the dark over who will take the reigns from Ledger and Eckhart. Whatever happens – whether we wait 3 years or 5 or 10; whether Nolan is involved, or Singer, or even Ratner – just please, please, don’t make Cher Catwoman.

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