First look at Captain America! Kinda!

A batch of Captain America concept images emerged on Ain’t It Cool News yesterday featuring an animated Chris Evans in the famous (if slightly modified) suit. It was originally believed that these were merely fan creations, but Mike over at JoBlo (who has seen the official mockups) confirmed that the images were the real deal.

Director Joe Johnston has previously stated that Steve Rogers/Captain America will have two suits. One that the Army provides for him for his USO unveiling and another more battle-ready uniform that Rogers co-designs. I’m assuming that the above image is of the latter. To see more shots of the Captain America suit, head on over to AICN.

Captain America: The First Avenger is currently being rewritten by Joss Whedon and will also star Hayley Atwell (as Captain America’s love interest) Hugo Weaving (as the villainous Red Skull) and perhaps Dominic Cooper (as Howard “Iron Dad” Stark). It will hit cinemas July 2011.

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