MacGruber 2 a possibility

It’s rare that Saturday Night Live movies are financially successful, let alone garner sequels (Wayne’s World being the exception on both counts), but they often do find cult followings on DVD.

Such is the case with their most recent experiment, MacGruberwhich expanded SNL’s 30-second MacGyver skits into a feature length film.

The movie tanked upon release, despite being a whole lot of silly fun; much of that thanks to the fearless lead performance by Will Forte as the eponymous hero, and supporting turns from the not-yet-broken-out Kristen Wiig and a perfectly hammy Val Kilmer.

Thanks to the following the film has earned over the last couple of years, director Jorma Taccone is now developing a sequel with Forte, set during Christmas time.

Speaking to ScreenCrush, Taccone spilled the following details:

“It would be me, Will and John [Solomon] writing it again. Every time I hang out with Will, we talk about all our cool ideas for the sequel. We have the idea for it and we have a title, but I won’t tell you what it is.”

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One Response to “MacGruber 2 a possibility”

  1. I suppose this could work if all the cast returned to their roles. If they don’t then this movie will get a very low rating.

    But again I do not really see how this will work as I wasn’t too fond on the original or even the skits from SNL. But again, maybe. We’ll see.

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